Welcome to Animation Masters Summit 2020

THEME FOR AMS 2020 - Connecting Minds: Unravelling New Possibilities

There is hardly anything more powerful than art to express the vibes of the times. Art has always been a healer, a metaphor of resilience and a source of joy, even in the midst of the toughest adversities. Perhaps the reason why millions of people across the world are gravitating more towards art and content during these challenging times. As we adapt to the new normal, and explore new ways to forge meaningful bonds, here is a platform for all those who find inspiration in art to connect, collaborate and converse.


Animation Masters Summit (AMS) is an annual event celebrated by Toonz Media Group, a leading name in animation and Kids & Family Entertainment. Established in 1999 as the first ever animation event in India called "Week with the Masters", it was recently renamed as Animation Masters Summit (AMS).

Animation Masters Summit celebrates the beautiful art of animation, bringing talents and experts from around the global animation Industry to interact with aspiring young talents. The event also offers a platform for masters to offer inspirations and insights on what it takes to create, connect and drive engaging content in this invigorating new entertainment era.

Animation Masters Summit is Toonz’s way of giving back to the artistic community. The mission of the Summit is to create an ecosystem of knowledge sharing, which in turn builds a great environment for animation to grow in India and the world over. This prestigious event has hosted masters like Rob Coleman, Bill Plympton, Devdutt Patnaik, Resul Pookutty, Geetanjali Rao, Dhimant Vyas and celebrated Indian animation legends like Ram Mohan, Bhimsain Khurana and V G Samant, and many more.


Olivier Jean-Marie

Oggy and the Cockroaches
I was quite honoured to be invited to the Week with the masters event, Jaya and his team were wonderful hosts, I met with some very cool people young and old. Best part was the tangible love I felt from the audience when I did my presentation I never knew my characters and stories were so much appreciated in this part of the world! India and Toonz love Oggy!! and Olivier loves Toonz

Vaibhav Kumeresh

Founder, Director
Vaibhav Studios
The Week with the Masters that Toonz initiated shall always remain a memorable experience to me. Some of the best artists and filmmakers from across the globe were invited to share their works and participants could interact leisurely and informally with the Masters. Simply watching the Masters' journeys was a huge inspiration, and i shall always be grateful to Toonz for that. I am glad that Toonz has reignited the same spirit by hosting the Masters Summit over the past few years.

Devdutt Pattanaik

Award Winning
Author & Mythologist
It was a great summit with enthusiastic participation of young animators that I enjoyed

Suresh Eriyat

Studio Eeksaurus
The first time I went for the Week with the Masters was in 1999 when I was beginning my career and setting up Famous House of Animation in Mumbai. That was the first chapter ever of the Masters Summit. When I was invited as a master 16 years later, I was not sure whether I was worthy but the Toonz family was so warm and hospitable that they made it a wonderful experience for me. This also is an unbelievable platform for animation in India to submerge and interact. It is like a recharge that one needs periodically to keep oneself going. Keep at it Team Toonz with such a generous initiative!